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Yesterday was pretty simple, animals, english homework (yes, I did homework on Boxing Day, sue me), animals, sleeps.

Guess what what what what what what????
D's home today :D The sad thing is, I lose my puppies...:'(

What else............................^.^................Nope, nuttin'. Guess I'll go to D's then. Toodles.
Clever Darling
Thursday aka Christmas Eve

I woke up. Shocker. Then I walked into town with my mother, having decided that the driveway was just beyond use. Wandered around some shops, nothing exciting. Then to D's for the first of my animal excursions. Now I know that feed the puppies, give the puppies milk substitute, give the puppies clean bedding, play with the puppies, clean up after the puppies as they make mess, feed the two collies, water the two collies, feed the basset, water the basset, feed and water the rabbits, chickens, ducks, pig and cats doesn't seem like a lot for one person, but I have to say it's rather tiring to do all that in a rush when you've got dad looming over you going: are you done yet? No father dear, I am not done yet, and could you please remove that feline from my leg whilst I clean up this puppy crap and disentangle my shoelaces from this puppy for the fifth time. Nah, it's really fun to have the puppies mostly to myself :D

Friday aka Christmas

Well...wake up, eat salmon and cream cheese on bagels (hom nom nom nom), open presents (rubbish really, because I got a laptop from my mum and sister and they're the only ones that get me decent pressies, so I got a blank a4 notebook, the kind that has grey pages, some biros and some what look like second or third hand earrings from my crazy grandma, a hot water bottle, which is better than it sounds because my room is freezing, from my mum, some noise cancellation headphones I'll probably give to mum from dad, couple of books, a new diary, some rather delicious tea from D...erm...little bit o cash...). Then to D's for animal excursion 1, then home, then shower and get dressed in time for guests, then christmas lunch, then back to D's for excursion 2, then home, then trivial pursuit and socialising, then sleeps. uhuh.
Clever Darling
Tuesday was spent primarily reading the rest of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I found mildly amusing but it got a bit boring as the series wore on to be honest. Then last night and today I read Lord of the Flies, which I found to be very interesting and rich in ideas for a fairly short novel. Now I shall let my book list choose my reading material...

Looks like...American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. I'll let you know.

In other news:D's buggered off to Stoke for four days, so I'm D-less. And...that's about it really....the puppies are mine, all mine!MWAHAHAH
Clever Darling
I'm bored and procrastinating about my schoolwork, so, for your sexy amusement:

Check this out:
It makes me giggle every time I look at it. I now know and understand that That closet door in your bedroom leads to the gates of Hell. Don't go there. I don't have a closet.

And...this one. It amuses me. Make sure you go alll the way to the bottom.

Now, I shall eat some soup!!!
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Clever Darling
He's sexy isn't he? Due to adverse weather conditions at the moment he gets to come inside for playtime. Still tiny, stil fluffy, and he must be around 9 months old by now. Beelzebub, gorgeous little creature...
What you can't see in this photo is the claws. They're like, a cm long, into a point. Just sitting in my hand he causes little puncture marks that nearly break the skin. The teeth do break the skin. The red eyes, the inherent evil...only I could love such a creature :D
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Clever Darling
Caught up as I was earlier in literature I forgot to mention the weird dream I had last night:

I had to go back to my hometown (Hastings) to marry someone in some weird arranged marriage but I wasn't that upset about it because they were royalty and it meant I'd never have to work in my life. So I had to go up this really steep set of stairs with a balloon to get married. So I did, but I never met the guy I was marrying. Anyway, so it was over, I came back down, and then went to this dinner with the two new families. Once we got there I realised that it was in fact an old school friend that I'd married, so it really wasn't too bad at all, since I'd started to worry about it. Anyway, so we instantly felt rather comfortable and then this marriage celebration party carried on, and it involved some kind of bingo where the males went off seperate from the females, but I kept getting bored and going off to find my husband, and making him lose by distracting him (even in dreams I'm evil). Anyway, at some point here it weirdly switched to a dream I'm sure I've had before involving a Lord of the Rings style stampede of ents, sitting under a bridge eating lunch provided by Tom Bombadil, and then coming back to the house where the wedding party was to yell at Merry and Pippin for eating everyone's lunch.

Yeah, I'm cool huh? Point is, that in the dream, once I realised that this new husband was someone I knew and could trust completely, I felt really content. Which felt nice :D
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Clever Darling
I have achieved much! And it's only14:32. I got out of bed (WOW). I watched a bit of 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie' (if you've never seen it, watch it, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie almost fresh out of uni, when their comical genius was just developing). Then I wrote like, one paragraph on my English Coursework. That might not seem like much, but I'm doing it bit by bit and it's working well. THEN I finished The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood.

That woman has got to be my favourite author. Her works range from post-apocalyptic and futuristic to crime and social novels set in past Canada. Basically, she's just an all round amazing author. Year of the Flood is the sequel to Oryx and Crake, more or less the same time period told from a different point of view. Ok, so it's not as good as O and C, but more happens, and it widens out the world view and explains loads about the characters and the connections and back story and it's just pretty damn fantastic really.

Of course, now I've finally finished that, I need to pick something else to read. So, what's on my virtual reading list?
We could go for A Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, a witty and amusing film, should be a good read. Or...some Philip K Dick, futuristic but perhaps too predictable...Lord of the Flies? Catch-22? To Kill a Mockingbird? Animal Farm? Midnight's Children? Long Walk to Freedom? So many books, so little decision...
Clever Darling
I haven't been neglecting you, I've just been...busy. MWAHAHA.

I don't think Tuesday was that interesting to be completely honest...Went to college...My 5ft tall Londoner Philosophy teacher was shocked to discover that some girls in the class were so scared of him that they wouldn't ask him for help. Twas tres amusant. Spent Maths skipping in the corridors and singing Queen...That pretty much covers it I think.

Again, college. This time...erm...oh yeah, it was cake day. So I made a cake and then my friends ate it. It was very icing-y but rather crumbly, more milk/less flour next time methinks. It came out crap because I wasn't angry you see ;) Then I THINK I had D here in the evening but memory is fuzzy on that one...

Fluffy wet stuff started falling from the sky, females all over college started screaming and jumping up and down, overall a fun day.

Last day of term cancelled due to snow, thankyou very much, no Classics with devil woman :D Walked into town, tried to build igloo, D killed igloo, lunch in starbucks, walk home in rather a lot of fluffy white stuff falling from sky, D stayed.

Sledding for short time in housing estate down the road. I have a rather epic sled fro when I was 7 or so, it's got brakes and you can steer it and everything, but there aren't many hills round here, and just as I settled into a nice one I had to come home because I forgot my house key.

I've also written nearly a whole A4 page of my English Coursework already (bet you haven't even started have you Nathaniel? :P) and intend to have it done by Christmas. I'd also like to get my Philosophy essay done by then but that might be pushing it.
Clever Darling
So, let's discuss life.

Yesterday we won't bother to discuss. It involved sitting in a car a lot, and visiting my nan, my sister, my grandma and my aunt and uncle before sitting in a car some more, grabbing a happy meal, and coming home. Oh, and I yelled at Dad because he changed the radio channel just as Number One started playing in favour of Don't Speak, which is just plain shit.

Today, well, as you might have noticed, I'm not at college. That's because I'm lying on my sofa. That's right children, Lorren's sick again. This time however, it shouldn't be an enduring illness, thanks to the amount of vitamins being pumped into me every day now :D I suppose it could have been that happy meal...bastards. I shall work on my English coursework (I hope), sleep, and wait for everyone to get home so I can find out what I missed in Maths and Philosophy. Classics I won't miss anything important so I worry not. Philosophy will have been an Ed lecture on something (I hope, if today is christmas I'll be so angry), and Maths will be maths, so it shouldn't be that bad.
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Clever Darling
What happened Friday...let us consider for a moment.
I went to college...I had first lesson, then I had fourth. So I spent pretty much my entire day sitting in the basement doing nothing much really. It was nice and warrrrm. And there was much singing and musicking and stuff...
Then I came home. And...what did I do Friday? I don't think it was very much.

Woke up, wrote essay, lounged.
Then I had a mild problem...
Basically D's msn fucked up and didn't send the message that said he was coming over. So I went out, and then he came to my house and I wasn't there. And because I was actually out with people for once I got a bit pissy about him calling me up and trying to come and join in. Anyway, then the trains were all delayed and he was there as I got off the train. So he came back to Leo's for a bit, which was, odd. Since D hates Leo...anyway, then D went home and I followed shortly after, once Leo's mum had painted my nails (Don't ask, she's crazy and she damn well loves me). So that was my Saturday...

Today I'm off down to Hastings to visit all the family and deliver their xmas presents. Which is a bit of a shit way to spend a Sunday...BUT what can one do.
Clever Darling

I went to college, yup. Then I got the train to D's, and we just spent the whole time I was there in the dark listening to music. Twas nice.


Crawled out of bed and decided for once I was actually going to get dressed properly for college (as opposed to just throwing some clothes on). Hello new shiny buckle boots. Hello mild foot pain. Hello sexy legs. First and second were pretty standard, wrote an essay on Cicero's rise to the consulship in my free third, and lunch was pretty damn amazing. Ben managed to embarass himself amazingly, thought the two girls behind him were his friends, so he turned around and went BOO really loudly, then realised he didn't know them, and had to go hide in a corner to hide his shame :D Liz has a growing problem in that Will quite obviously fancies her and she's not at all interested (even if her bf is a total twat). Here comes the minor life issue. NO COMMENTS ON THIS. I may have, just a little bit, have had some gin mixed in with Lilt that Leo (that's Psycho's new name) had. And then I may have sat through my whole fourth period (philosophy) with bright pink cheeks. I had to tell people it was my skin lol. It wasn't an important lesson or anything, I already knew what we were covering. But D kinda flipped out about it (yeah, he's the responsible one now apparently) because he said I could get kicked out of Hills (if they do a breathaliser test?) and it wasn't safe because Leo was there etc etc. I was surrounded by my sobber friends, and I was just pink and giggly, not drunk. But anyway, D got pissed off, cue argument etc etc and that was my yesterday.
Clever Darling
My arm muscles hurts :( Hehe.

One other thing from yesterday: seagulls around here taste like strepsils, but if you go up to Hunstanton, they taste like chips.

Waterbeach is made from cardboard, and the seagulls peck at the buildings, naughty things, and the horses are actually sheep on stilts.

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Clever Darling
I had this really good idea for a blog post walking to the train station and now I've totally forgotten it {:(

Today wasn't a bad day. Liz and I wandered over to tescos and bought a picnic consisting of one pot of strawberry jelly (37p), one packet of hobnobs, plain (31p), one tube of pringles, ready salted (99p), then to essentials for one bar of galaxy, plain (£1), total: £1.34 each. For a picnic that's pretty damn good. Then we realised once back at college that we had no spoon for the jelly. The answer? Use first pringles, then, in a stroke of genius, hobnobs, to spoon out the jelly. Twas a good lunch.

My Classics presentation also went really well, you'll be glad to hear. I only laughed once and since that was about tying men to sheep I thought it was justified.

In half an hour I shall be going swimming. Yes, you heard me, swimming. Physical activity, me. I know, weird, right? But I've been meaning to go loads, and just haven't had the time or stabiity of health. Tonight I have no homework and I'm feeling healthier, so I'm going swimming for an hour, since it's free. If I can do that once a week, I'll get fitter, my tutor will be happy (she nags about physical outside of school activity because it looks good on your uni application form, as if I'm not doing enough already) AND I likes the swimmings :D Consider the abdominal tonage ;)
Clever Darling
I think the reason that Twilight is so attractive is that is so easy for us to apply to our lives. I despise obsession of the sort that the Twilight girls have, and I refuse to associate with it, but the pliot itself is something else entirely...

Because what teenage girl doesn't have an Edward who she would give everything for? Who's never found themself in a world where they don't feel secure, where they know nobody? I imagine a lot of people have a Jacob, someone they love but can never love that much.

The appeal of Twilight is that we all want the happy ending. We all want to go through those trials, and still have him there at our side at the end, forever.

But Bella and Edward are soulmates, and they don't exist in real life. Vampires, of course, aren't real, nor are guardian werewolves. The line between reality and fiction is almost a painful transition, to accept that reality is harder, reality doesn't contain an Edward Cullen, or an eternity. We all have a limited time to find someone, from among millions, and then we die.
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Clever Darling
Today = fail.

Got to college, got my place on the trip to Greece in March (win, not fail), then forgot about my tutor meeting and showed up ten minutes late. Told her my train was late, she snapped at me and tried to close the fucking door in my face, bitch. Then I was generally feeling shit for the rest of the day due to having a cold and being bored and blegh. Then I came home and realised I have shitloads of work to do and did some but now I can't be fucked to do anymore and I found out that two of my three lessons tomorrow are cancelled so I have to go in for one hour, which will still take three hours of my life, to have a lesson with a teacher I hate, or not go in, and have even more issues with evil bitch form tutor >:(

Clever Darling
College. Blegh. However, I did finish half an hour early, which meant I got home nearly an hour early, wich meant I got quite a bit of work done.

College. Blegh. Signed up to do the level 3 extended project, which means basically another AS for Lorren. I reckon that if I have to waste an hour a week working I may as well get a scattering of UCAS points for it. Then I went to D's and had an exceptionally good evening. Obviously you don't want to know details but we had about two hours alone together in the dark before anybody got home. And then there were puppies too, so yayness.

College. Blegh. Last lesson cancelled, extra time with D :D Downside was that we had to sit around for ages and wait for Dad to escape from his meeting :( Then we played lego star wars for like three hours hehe.
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