Clever Darling
It's not that I don't love you, but I can't be bothered tonight dearie.

I had debating it was good, we won, but I had to go on a team with Psycho. But we work well together, even if he is a prick.

I have been long term leant a pocket watch by dad.

That covers important points.
Clever Darling
Had a fairly crap day mostly.

Started badly when I had to get the train with H and co, because nobody was there that's awesome. I actually ended up listening to my iPod on full blast. I company, I almost never do that, because obviously you can't hear. But I didn't want to hear their pathetic and idle chatter.

Then Maths, which was fine because Liz is awesome, then ARC, which is pointless and boring and the teacher's thick, then Philosophy, which was good, then more Maths, again fun because of Liz, then English and I wanted to die because K wasn't there, she had a doctor's thingy.

Then...I got the train home with C and H. Again, iPod out. By that point I was just like, I need D now, because I'm going to hate everyone otherwise. But then I got him. And that was much better. And then I saw C (who shall henceforth be known as Manwhore, because he feels his name is not imaginative enough) and some other people briefly. Plus Nick/Jesus is really huggy and nice all day and that's quite cheering.

But overall, yeah, my 'friends' just depress me.

Can't wait to hang out with everyone AND D on friday though, because that has epic awesomeness.
Clever Darling
Welcome to that world,
The surreal land of your unreality,
Where Shadows dance,
Where Voices echo,
That waking dream you never leave.

Imagine a creature of gargantuan proportion,
It's width blocks the distance horizons,
It's height so great you can't see it's summit,
Sheer vastness so all encompassing you can see nothing else for it.

It blocks out the sun, you can see no details,
You don't know what it is.
You can't categorise, define,
You can't label it, and so reduce it.

Feel it tower over you.
Feel the fear, the awe, the wonder, the magnificence, the terror, the paralysis, the amazement.


Understand that this presence is something you have known all along.
That you tried to run from it before,
But it you came back to it.
Compelled by curiousity, by pleasure, by sadomachism.

Understand that it is love.

Clever Darling
Today, I went to school. Yay me. Well, actually, let's start with last night.

I went to see My Sister's Keeper with my mum and her friend. I was painfully disappointed. Without going into detail, they basically cut out all the details and some minor plot points (expected in a film), but then CHANGED THE ENDING to the OPPOSITE of what happened in the book! Seriously, the WRONG CHARACTER DIED. It's ridiculous! And that ending was really perfect, it was karmic and balanced and heartbreaking. Bastards.

And then I came home and Dad was yelling at me again for no reason so I burst into tears and went to bed. And then I was really lonely and sad because the last two night's I've had D and he wasn't there and pillows just aren't the same because he's big and warm and cuddly and breathes and kisses. And pillows don't do most of that. So I was sad about that too...

So I woke up this morning feeling basically a bit shit. But it was a bit better when I got on the train and leapt on C and rode with him and J, because they're soooo much nicer and more interesting than H etc.

And then...lessons. English, conclusion is that the class is mostly idiots, and the teacher is an idiot. My other English teacher is a bitch. So now I don't like English. Which is important, because it means I won't want to do a degree in English and so will probably just go straight into Law. And...Philosophy, pretty standard. Got talking to Nathaniel about the Tories when we were supposed to be talking about altruism, I suppose the two are linked by contrast. Then...Maths, blegh, I don't like quadratics, I'm too slow at them no matter how much practie I get. And...Classics, pretty standard. Still astounded that I'm one of only about half a dozen people in the class who know anything at all about the subject already and two of them are repeating the course anyway. Who was Agamemnon for God's sake...>:(

What else...erm...I made pancakes. I wasn't in a bad mood or anything, I just wanted them. So now I feel really fat and I've got loads of them to eat for breakfast hehe.

I miss D already, which I feel is a bit pathetic really. Not that I don't want to miss him, but I never used to be so needy? V says that the fact I couldn't sleep without him last night and that I now just think of us as a mostly permanent thing (which I didn't even notice until earlier, when I said to her that it would be awesome if he could come to Hills with me next year), which is a huge mental commitment for me, are kinda sweet. I'm not sure if I like being seen as that or not, by female friends that is. Guys are supposed to think it, it's part of my charm ;)
Clever Darling
Decided to stay at D's for another night last night, so basically EPIC weekend :D

And I stole an awesome purple mickey mouse hockey hoodie from him after sleeping in it (and nothing else, it's huge and I was boiling :D) last night.

And now I'm home and I need to clean the rabbit but I can't be bothered, he can wait a few hours, or another day.
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Clever Darling
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...
Well, yesterday I had two lessons, break, free, lunch, lesson, free. So I spent break free lunch with Claire, who's awesome, Chris and some other random peoples, and then went back out to meet them after my 4th period lesson for an hour, then wombled off to get a train, rushed home, got showered, changed, etc, went to Dee's for a party, went to D's for the night...

All very hectic.


1. Person: Stuart, Why?
Stuart: *grabs balls* That's why!

2. Person: Claire, what's the time?
Claire: *Does Time Warp*

3. Person: *hugs Chris*
Chris: RAPE! *cries*

4. Person: blah blah blah sex...
Me: *gropes nearest person*

Innit to winnit :P

Additionally, today I spent all day at D's, cleaned his whole house so he could get ten pounds, and watched Hannibel Rising. And played with kittens and puppies of course.
Clever Darling
I made happy times with Nick, who is in my Dentristy class, because I stole his newspaper on the way from the train station and mocked politicians :D And then a giant purple spotted elephant came charging out of Tescos, stopped briefly to look around in awe at us all, then transformed into a black volvo and drove away.

And then...I had some classes...and...there was an ice cream van inside the school grounds, which was amazing and sexy. Until a t-rex clambered out of it, and began running around the school screaming: 'I want a plague of locusts, I want a plague of locusts!' but Chuck Norris showed up and jumped on its back and then they rode off into the biology block.

I also felt an undeniable need to be away from my 'friends' today. I just wanted to hang out with other people, even Psycho and his friends, who are admittedly pretty cool. Because one of them has green tentacles all over his face, another has 8 arms, and the third is called Mr Octopus.

And then I saw B and S and C and D this evening and it was nice and cuddly and nice. Mostly because there was a huge teddy bear climbing a tree that was too small for it, so the tree bent over, and eventually it just sprang bak and launched him far far away. Probably Austria or something.

And I actually passionately dislike one of my English Lit teachers because she set even more homework today and I hate that because it's really long and I didn't want long homework to do over the weekend because I'm busy.


But the good news is:I'm staying at D's tomorrow, I'm staying at D's tomorrow...Yays XD

AND I'm getting that extra ear removed from my spine soon, and I fully intend to lick someone who's touched the Queen after she's shaken the Pope's hand, so I have effectively licked the pope.
Clever Darling

I shall now write an amazing, insightful and detailed blog post that will blow your minds.


Weeeell. I went to lessons. I heard two things I liked. One was 'When we have a conversation with someone, we are exchanging vulnerabilities. When we form a friendship we think we've exchanged enough.' The other thing was....damnit I can't remember. I think it was in English.

I also spent the evening with D, which was lovely as ever, and did some homework, as always.


I impressed my entire Classics class because I realised that birds could fly (duh). I did all my maths hw in my free (yay). I stole from Descartes in Philosophy and was commended for it (by the way, I'm calling Philosophy Dentristry. Philosophy > Flossophy > Teeth. Geddit?)

But none of this stands up to this fact: I hugged Jesus. Obviously not in the Christian sense. I hugged a guy named Nick who wears no shoes and has a beard and long hair. And then I spent break with him and 'Leo' and some other people and it was spiffing.

AND I have like, no homework tonight. Yay. XD Oh, and I sat in Claire's lap on the train this morning, and she loves me. XD

What else...erm...days seem less long now, which is really good, but the lateness of the time I get home is still a bit painful.
Clever Darling
There will be a post here, just not tonight.


I loves the cuddles and the times and the love. x
Clever Darling
Today I learnt:
That my train was cancelled, shortly after I arrived at the train station to get on it.
That my English teacher for p1 Mondays gets the same train as me.
Chris is hoping for a large inheritance from a mysterious source. I think he's mad.
That there is more to the first passage of a book than you often notice first, or even second time around.
That my Philosophy teacher has annual breakdowns where he gets stressed, throws a tantrum, yells, and throws chairs around. Not because he had one, but because I was talking to some year thirteens.
That 5 to the power of 6x-1=25 is 1/2. I have no idea how yet, but I will figure it out.
That people in general love Lord of the Rings and Gladiator, and if you're in a Classics class and you haven't seen Gladiator, you get booed (sucks to be a girl called Leanne in my Classics class).
That it takes over twenty minutes to wait and get your passport sorted at the post office, and that my photo was nearly not acceptable because I've aged (WTF)
That having a giant hand of knowledge would make getting through doors hard, but beating people difficult.
That a girl called Claire who always wears New Rocks wants to keep me and lick chocolate off of me. She also held my hand on the way to the train station XD

I think that's everything important...
Clever Darling
I went to a farmer's market. And I had lots of nice things.

And then I discussed blow jobs in a car in Tesco's car park.

And then I relocated my rabbit to the front porch for winter and because he decided to start digging tunnels and trying to get free. And he still hates me for it.

And then...I found all my old school reports and starting reading them. Apparently in year one I wrote letters backwards. This supports my theory that I was/am dyslexic but adjusted to it and got in the habit of doing it in the right order at a very early age. I still write things in the wrong order when I'm in a rush.

And then I snuck into D's house for an hour to play with the puppies and kittens.

And now? Now I shall go to bed. And prepare for another long week :S
Clever Darling
I woke up just after nine today. I finished my homework just before one. I haven't spent that long doing schoolwork since the days of coursework in like, year ten. And even then, nearly four hours is pushing it.

To be fair, I did have a lot to do. Two lots of maths, two lots of english and one classics, but still, it seems excessive. But that could be because I didn't do any during the week. But if it's not, and the work load stays this heavy, I'm going to explode. I'm thinking it won't be that bad because I can just do it day by day when I'm not exhausted all the time like I was this week.

In other news:
I feel really angry and depressed today for no real reason. I'm pissed off because H basically told me I was stupid because I asked for help with the hardest question on the maths hw. She can go fuck herself, stuck up falsely modest arrogant bitch. Also, there's no bacon. And when there's no bacon, I get angry.

On the upside I've finished most of my hw now. I've kind of left one or two questions on the English because, well, there's just too much of it. Meh. Not important.

As for the rest of the weekend, well, hopefully now I can relax?
Clever Darling
I'm here. I'm still alive, don't panic just because I didn't post. Who am I kidding, only like one person reads this because I post obsessively and not often anything interesting.


Some stuff happened. I had Double Maths (course, not time), TWICE and two other lessons (Classics and English Lit. ) and my brain hurted. Hehe. But yeah, good day. My other Classics teacher is a super energetic talking fast eccentric which means she's AWESOME. And...what else, I have a Maths buddy called Sam now (yes, I did just use a whole name :O ) And English Literature...well...the class isn't full of hugely impressive people and I'm not amazed by the teacher because I haven't met the other one yet (that comes tomorrow, I'm trying to keep chronological). I also met a new word! Nothing to do with English Lit, I learnt it from H. It's pisciverous, fish-eating. Excellent word. Also, squirrels eat REALLY loudly.

I then walked from the train station to meet D and then Mum gave us a lift back to mine and I did homework and cuddled and it was all rather nice and lovely but I'm still pretty tired but getting better.


Busy day. Right, here we go.

Spent my Philosophy lesson writing an argument about why you should buy a hat to prove how an argument from rhetoric (using big words really fast) can work. Then Classics, which was boring, Romulus and Remus, come oooooon I know that. Fire drill, stupid, if there ever is a fire we're all going to die everyone walks so slow.

I had two and a half hours free so I went out to my favourite cafe with a new friend who I shall call on here Iguana Girl, or IG (she doesn't have an iguana or anything, but I think she looks like the kind of person that would). She seems nice, a bit shy maybe, but I don't know, there's just someone about her that's a bit off-putting.

Anyway, then English Lit, met my last teacher, he seems quite eccentric, balding bachelor who talks too much kind of character.

Then got the train to D's, adored puppies and kittens, and just generally RELAXED which is wonderful. AND THEN, are you ready for this, because this is massive:


And D's going, which is wonderful, and is kinda why I'm going, but I would jump at the chance to go there anyway because oh my god, it's ROMANIA!!! The mountains and the castles and the HISTORY!! I'm so excited. I'll miss two days of school but I'll get an authorised absence sorted out and it'll be fine. YAY
Clever Darling
So...had Classics today. I'm not sure about it yet. It's a subject I love but the class don't seem to know nearly as much as I do for the most part which means it might be slow going. Like, realy slow, like, they thought HOMER was ROMAN. Come OOONNNN. Ahem.

I also had a free period. That's a bad thing by the way. Because it means I sat on my own in the library for an hour trying to do my English homework but working with an AWFUL biography of Thomas Hardy and getting NOWHERE because it was so awfully written.

I think I'm in love with my Political Concepts teacher. He's like Hugh Laurie (personality), but prettier...hehe.

What else...I feel much less tired today. Probably due to the actual sleep last night, no doubt helped by the really soft cuddly pillow I hired for a couple of hours last night.

I have even managed to do some homework! :O Well, I tried to do the ONE maths question I need to do about four times, failed, gave up, then realised the answer is at the back of the textbook anyway and I could just work backwards. Then I did about half of my English homework but I hate Thomas Hardy and couldn't bring myself to finish it and the questions were sooooo detailed. So I'll finish that tomorrow or something. Plus I need to refresh my memory of The Aeneid's plot and the myth of the founding of Rome. And consider whether or not Pop-eye is real...

Yeah, you heard me.
Clever Darling
People are starting to come out of themselves a bit more now, it's better. I was right that making friends won't take much effort. Gimme a week with 'em Joe.

Psycho is in my Academic Research class. That makes it more interesting, but also makes me uneasy. I'm not used to seeing him in a classroom environment, it feels odd...

Philosophy is going to be awesome, English Lit looks like a good course with a less good teacher, Maths shouldn't be too bad but will require lots of time and I don't have Classics until tomorrow.

I have a free period tomorrow. I don't know what to do with it. None of my friends have theirs at the same time. I guess I'll go to the library???

Still soooo tired...
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Clever Darling
No classes today so I can't really judge yet, but I have several points.

1) Almost all of the girls were dressed the same. Long shirt, tights, scarf, little boots. I can only hope this is not an indication of their clonelike natures, and that there really is some originality there, and that they were just dressing different for the first day??

2) Making friends should require very little effort. Simply going to class and talking to people should soon establish relationships on at least the level of acquaintance.

3) Academic research course for the sake of UCAS points? Shouldn't we have the choice? I'm going to get 5 A levels for God's sake, do I really need more UCAS points?

4) I have a really bigmouth, loud, attention seeking, annoying girl in my tutor group. But I only have tutorial once a week so that's bearable.

5) I'm really tired, even though I've done nothing, probably because I was up early and did pretty much nothing today.

6) Double mathematics takes up a lot of timetable space. I really hope it doesn't eclipse my English subjects, they are after all much more important.

7) I joined way too many societies.
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Clever Darling
So I've decided to relocate my official base to the dining room. Nobody really uses it anymore, I can get internet access, and, more importantly, I don't have to deal with my idiotic parents.

Seriously, my dad just started yelling at me because he asked if form groups were sorted by grades (ie the highest graded people are all in the same form group). Even though he knows H is in a different form to me. So I calmly said no. Then he asked again, as if I hadn't understood his point. At which I explained, somewhat agitated, that that wasn't how things were done. He then started shouting at me for being arrogant and rude and talking down to him. It's not my fault he's a fucking idiot.

I mean, for God's sake, my parents taught me for my entire young life that being good at school and being smart was pretty much the most important thing. Ok, well done, you created a fucking monster. Now you can't just hate it. Because you made it Frankenstein, and it's not like it could help taking on all the things you used to make it.

Yes, you're right mother, my siblings ARE nicer people than me. But neither of them had to live with you past the ages of 14 and 16, they got away a long time ago and have had plenty of time to recover from whatever you did that fucked them up. I mean really, you think they love you? They left you! The minute they were offered the chance to go live with their dad full time they chose to. They chose to go live with, literally, the evil step mother, rather than go on an adventure and see the world with you. Doesn't that tell you anything?

As long as I maintain an adult relationship with my parents, something closer to flatmates than family, there's peace in our house. The second they start trying to be parents everyone gets angry. Because I don't value their opinions. I don't want to answer their stupid questions or be subject to their whims. I want to sit and read, or communicate with people actually worth talking to, or get the hell out of the house, which is really what I do most days, and get away from them so I don't have to deal with their stupid conflicts.

Seriously, listening to them argue about money and dad drinking too much every single Friday gets really boring after a few years of it.

In other news:
I have to go to school tomorrow. Farewell summer. I shall miss thee. I really feel rather *meh* about the prospect of having to go through *sigh* making new friends, and learning where everything is in a new school, and getting into a new routine. It's all so...been there, done that, soooo many times. Isn't there something more?
Clever Darling
Some things are much more beautiful than you'd ever realised at first glance.
Sometimes things that glitter are just painted gold.
This world is always spastic though.

I found an awesome cafe/bookshop today. I love it. I'm going to rap- visit it regularly.


Tomorrow is the absolute last day of summer. It's almost sad. God I can't wait to get back to school.
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Clever Darling
Erm...what's happened...I was going to stay at P's but I didn't, Psycho is being really nice to me because he's sort of realised he's a parents are arguing as per usual...I'm still getting nowhere with my starts Monday and I feel a bit unprepared really...

That's about it really...
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Clever Darling
Fail. I still went into town yesterday. I did do a hell of a lot of writing though. I've decided to sort of scrapbook, which in my case means writing lots, drawing ome, and sticking random things in too. I think it should make an interesting project. The writing is totally disjointed and disorganised and that's just how it should be :)

I also got my timetable for school yesterday night. And it's bloody confusing. AND I don't have either drama or debating down which is really annoying because I was really loooking forward to doing one of those two. Instead I'm apparently doing political concepts, which should still be interesting I suppose. We'll see on Wednesday.

AND I finally got my AS ICT result in the post. And guess what? I passed. I got a D hehe. Yay for me. I also got a U in one part of my CW and only brought the grade up by doing really well and getting a B in the exam. But mwahaaaah I officially beat Psycho's results now.
Clever Darling
Some random guy I've only ever met once for about five minutes asked me to go to a movie with him last night. WTF. He was Italian and pretty good looking, but still, manwhore.

Today I must read!! Words!! READ!! Not go out, or socialise, or shop or do anything mad or stupid, read. Books. Although it is 10:30am and I still have made no progress on this issue. All things in time.
Clever Darling

And my head really itches because I walked home in the dark and now I'm paranoid there are spiders on me.
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Clever Darling
The world seemed less heavy today. It was good.

I went to the shops with my mum but ended up spending most of the day with Psycho and P. Basically just talking about weird stuff like drugs and films and watching a tv series with the guys from Shaun of the Dead that I'd never heard of called 'Spaced'.

It kind of annoys me that when I hang out with Psycho and P together he's very rude to me. I know he doesn't mean it at all and the only reason he does it is because he's totally concentrated on not upsetting her in the least. But when she's not around he's a lot friendlier, more talkative, and more intellectual. It's a bit annoying when she walks into a room and he suddenly goes from talking about books or philosophy to insulting me and asking her if there's anything he can possibly do to make her life better. She did attempt to remove herself from his grip after all. Even if she totally failed. It's almost pathetic the way he fawns over her.

I might/will probably see D tomorrow.... :S
Clever Darling
Sometimes you can know too much. I know why I take the actions I do, I know that when I make a decision I will follow through with it, no matter what the consequences, which is why I take so long to make important decisions.

I also know that I woke up in the middle of the night last night. And why.

I've never really felt guilt before. If I hurt someone, it's usually for a reason I see as valid, or an accident, in which case guilt is pointless. But this is different. This makes me feel like someone cruel. I feel responsible. I am responsible. And all I can do is anything that makes it somewhat better. But nothing will except perhaps time.

I don't think I'm as easy to understand as I think I am. So often lately something that's seemed obvious to me, an opinion I hold has seemed totally different to other people. It's not what they think. I'm worse than they think when they say I'm good, and better when they say I'm bad. So opposite...what am I doing that makes people see these things?
Clever Darling

chan⋅nel - verb - a course into which something may be directed

Possibly the most useful technique for coping with anything, ever.
Anger = baking
Depression = music, dieting, contemplation
Happiness = writing, creativity

Every emotion can be expressed, rerouted into something productive. Every situation can be used to advantage. Composure can be preserved with a small exercise of will power and an expenditure of energy.

Clever Darling
The sun is out. It's still windy though. The sun means wasps are back a bit. I hate wasps.

I feel very tired. I got loads of sleep though, so I'm not sure why. I think it's more mental exhaustion. I can't even be bothered to clean out the rabbit hutch, and my devotion to that creature is endless.

My mother is coming home today. She'll bring lots of American food for me. At the moment I don't even want to look at it. I think it's time for another one of my weird food weeks where I just loose tons of weight. It'll make me feel better when I start school.
Clever Darling
I didn't want to do it painfully. I wanted to find a way that would be gentle but honest. But P rushed me into it, I think with good intentions. And then I had to do it, because I couldn't carry on, and lie, and act like it was all patched up and better and okay. Because I haven't been okay.

For weeks I've been trying to figure out what I want to do. What I can do. Because I won't, I can't, change another person, not after the lessons I've learnt. It's wrong. It's bad and pointless. When two people don't work, and they try hard, and it's still not right, well, that's it. There is no other path except lying to oneself. And I love myself, and I won't lie to myself. I won't make myself suffer. I've done enough of that too.

I'm sorry that I caused pain. I wish I could have found another way. But it was still necessary. I really am selfish. I have to do what's best for me.

And it is.

I'm not stopping my blog. I'm not going to stop being honest here.

In other news: Enrolment was annoying but simple enough. That's pretty much it. I feel so tired.
Clever Darling
I just found something I wrote a long time ago. Well, not that long, 25th February. And I want to post it here, because I like it.

I do disassociative writing. I just get a blank pain file and make a text box, or a piece of paper, and then I write everything that comes into my head. I say I get rid of them, but I don't. I just hide them so well I know no living being will ever find them unless I show them to them.

Nobody should see the inside of my head.

'...I despise you because you didn't see what you had. You had me. Nothing in my world is more precious and now you've shattered me into pieces. I'll gather the pieces together and start all over again with some other prick who will break me all over again but I'll do it for the in betweens.

For those moments where a kiss is everything and no words express it and those precious golden moments where they are the world and nothing else matters. For moments where I am in love I will give all of those moments of pain and hurt. Because that's living. The highest highs and the lowest lows are all a part of life and our experiences make us the people we are. Well, my experiences have made me strong, and smart, and world wise, and independant and confident. And that makes me special. I am special. And one day I'll find someone who realises that. And then maybe I'll find a few more after him. But it doesn't matter because if I am loved then I can manage when that love is over. I can use the precious moments to hold me up in the dark, where their light will shine and make the black abyss of my life a little bit better because of what it once was...'

That's just an excerpt. I wrote that when I was in a very dark place. I hoped that the writing would make me feel better. And I know it did at the time. But it didn't take me out of that horrible darkness. I stayed in there for much longer. I didn't realise how bad it was until it was over. But that part of it, well, I think that's almost inspiring, and it makes me feel good about myself, knowing that even when I was weakest I was strong.

Clever Darling
I'm hyper, worship me.

Today I hung out with Psycho and P again and D got all angry with me for hanging out with them which made me angry but then I finally saw him again and it made everything better.

Hyper...hyper...enrolment tomorrow...
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Clever Darling
I was going to make cookie dough. It was going to be wonderful and calorie filled. But my dear father used up all of the cooking chocolate I bought especially for my cookies in making caramel slices, that are nearly inedible because he tried to make the caramel on his own. I am angered.

Today I didn't really do much. H came round, we finished off the maths prep, played chess and watched Kingdom of Heaven. Now I think I'll go read some more of Snow Falling on Cedars because I have to for school :(

D is back in the country tomorrow. God knows when I'll see him though.
Clever Darling
Erm, P and Psycho (as previously labelled) showed up t my house Sunday night because Psycho wanted to go over some maths work for school so they were here until about 3. And then I went to P's at 1 yesterday and spent all day and night there. D got all angry with me at one point, erm, I'm totally sure why actually, something to do with the fact I was hanging out with Psycho??? I also met this really dangerous but also pretty cool guy who I've been hearing about for a while.

Didn't sleep very well at P's, couldnt be bothered to take my jeans off and woke up all hot and unomfortable at 6:30. She talks in her sleep, it's funny.

Today I'm going into the city with my dad, should be fun. Mum's awake in America until Saturday. D gets back Thursday but I might not be able to see him until Sunday unless I work something out around enrolment on Friday...