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Sooo. House is like, noisy. The pipes are noisy and the floors are a bit noisy and the doors are VERY noisy and the neighbours are excessively noisy and they threw bbq ribs all over the fence onto my rabbit hutch the night before we moved in and made me ANGRY. And the seem to spend ALL their time in the back garden so you can always hear them are grrr.

What else...D came into college with me on Thursday and it made me happy, because I only had two lessons. So he lurked and there was goodness. Fridaaayyyy I dragged D over here against his will and we went out for pub nom.

Yesterday I read Margaret Atwood's 'Penelopiad' and started Philip K Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', which are both on my English Lit list.

And we dyed my hair back to full ginge, and it's gingery.
And we went to a party for a bit. But it wasn't that sexy. But at least it was my friends (sort of) rather than the normal.
Annddd...That's more or less it. Toodlepip for now sexy ones.
Clever Darling
Ahem, I have moved, that is all.
Clever Darling
Yesterrrday was my first day of A2, so it was beeesy. But, overall, my courses are looking pretty good.

Othello and a couple of crap satires for English Lit exam, Le Morte Darthur for coursework (because I love doorstop sized books written in medieval English about Arthur wist well and she doth go thataways, passing sad, but then at least it's an easy story, no complexities).

Roman history from Augustus to Nero in Classics, easy pie, and Greek Tragedy, texts uncomfirmed, no problemo.

Philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion, GET IN. And Descartes. But I haven't given up on Nietszche yet, I will push this issue cautiously.

And Maths. Yes, well. I took double maths because I wanted to do statistics and decision maths. This year they've decided to drop the decision maths module from the course. We can do it 'independently' but I somehow doubt I have the time, so I'm annoyed about that because it means I've subjected myself to mechanics for nothing. But I suppose I may as well still carry the course on. But I went into class yesterday, sat down and realised I've forgotten pretty much all of C3. That's not good.

In other news: Moving house in two days. Dance with me.
Clever Darling
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - Er... It wasn't exciting.

Friday - Into college, totally pointless. My tutor told me I'm nearly an adult and therefore can make my own decisions but she'll be writing my parents regarding me doing too much work. Whatever.

Yesterday - Well. Went to get house keys but the bank apparently no longer do bankers drafts so you can't access more than £250 of your own money on any one day without giving them at least three days of advance notice. Soooo we didn't think we were going to get the keys but we managed to sort it out to pay in cash, so we got them, but by them it was so late that we couldn't really do anything.

Today - Moving stuff into house, gardening, arguing, unthrilling.
Clever Darling
Friday - more gardening. And a twist of kitten touching, and a lump of sleeping.

Saturday - Clearing out sheds :S And then being dragged to town to watch the footballl (which I don't even like) by SOMEONE, and then being stood up and going home anyway after being bought McDonalds, which I think comes out as a win for me. And then being woken up like 18 times because I fell asleep on D, twice. In different places...he makes me sleepy ok.

Sunday - Up at 6am, boot sale. 6 hours later I had made a completely not sexy £18. Oh well. Then to town for the town and country fair, which was pretty good really. Lots of good food stalls, and loads of fluffy animal things, although I'd seen the fluffies the night before when D and I walked through there after McDonalds. Win of the day: D got me a HUGE toy dog, it's about the same size as me if I fold my knees up, in fact it's taller and wider than me when I'm sitting down, just not as long when I'm standing. So yeah, after trying to get me a giant teddy at every fair we've been to this year, I finally got one :D And then I got to walk around with it, and cuddle it while I slept on D all the way home (shut up, he makes me sleepy). Photos to come.

My plans for this week are decidedly unexciting. I have to type up my ARC project, pack my stuff because we get the new house keys on the 19th, and that's about it. Ah well, relaxation goood...
Clever Darling
So my last exam was actually reaaaalllly easy (which we were kinda aware of before we did it because they made the january paper way too hard). And then there was the taste of sweet freedom. And driving my friend nuts by calculating the theoretical velocity of the train we were on upon reaching our station assuming it's acceleration was constant and it stopped instantly (I know they don't).

Then I managed to convince the parents into nom nom (takeaway) which was, well, nom. Aaannddd...I made a new calendar. I do this. I can't stand commercial calendars, you either get a whole year on one giant page, or one month, or one week, or one day. It's just not easy to see what's going on. So I make three monthly calendars with creative designs myself. Last time it was a sort of abstract square thing, but this time it's like an advent calendar, but with quotes I like under the flaps. I know, I'm so cool right? :)

I also discovered what a variety of spikey plants there are in my garden. There are lots. Blackberries and some spikey weed things and something that looks a bit like a blackberry but has more thorns and the bumblebee nest under the summerhouse and the snail colony under the 6ft tall asparagus...yeah, I'm doing gardening. Why, you ask? Becausae I'm broke, and I still owe my dad £140. So I'm gardening so he doesn't have to do it, for cash. And now I suppose I shall go do some more.
Clever Darling
Monday was a nonexistent day. I went to the shops with my mum and revised English a bit.
Yesterday I had my English Lit exam and I think it was ok...*fingers crossed*
Today I have Mechanics which is...


Ahem. So yeah, veeery happy about that. Although, once it's out of the way I have to do my bloody dissertation thingy for ARC, but that shouldn't take too long because all I need to do is type it up, and then I can focus on packing because we get our house keys in 10 days XD
And I keep having weird dreams, which I attribute to getting more sleep than usual. They have featured:

- A malicious shadowy copy of myself that's only visible in mirrors, although dogs can see it. Since then I have moved the mirror in my room. 
- Me walking into the train station wrapped in a grey single duvet.
- Me sitting on the train with a friend, who then morphed into two seperate people.
- The train coming off the tracks, because they were only half finished.
- My friend morphing back into one person, because they were putting the train back on the track. I'm not sure at what point the commercial train turned into a series of connected carts, but it did.
- Me staying out all night because of this train incident.
- Going home and telling my parents it was a party, and I missed the last train instead of explaining the truth, because it seemed too weird.

Yeah...I have a weird subconscious.
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Clever Darling
Friday: Went to a friend's to revise, did two hours of good revision before giving up and going ot eat ice cream and sunbathe. Then in the evening went to this party that was D's friends' birthday...but yeah, not really something I enjoyed, ended up spending most of the evening walking to the shops and back.

And of course my mad grandparents were visiting. Well, it's primarily my grandma that's insane, she used to be supergrandma, the kind that takes you to zoos and gives you loads of chocolate and seems to know all the interesting things about the world. But these days she has massive mood swings, mild paranoia and generally thinks she's the only person in the world with feelings. She's impossible to talk to, impossible to be around, and completely impossible to keep happy. Last week she had a big argument with my aunt and uncle and ran away declaring she was going to start a new life, and tried to check into some hotels before sullenly returning home. She also loudly declared that I should be on the pill once because she found out that I walked home with a boy every day. I was 12 I believe.

Anyway. Saturday D and I went to town and I bought him some pressies from lush (because he's a woman ;)) and we had lunch in our cafe and it was generally nice if very hot and we also visited the Fitzwilliam because there was a Japanese art exhibit that D wanted to see and it's always worth popping in to gaze at Titian's Rape of Lucretia.
And I got to spend the evening touching my kittens. :D

Today was D's actual birthday but we just spent all day sleeping and watching Tv at his house so now I'm at home revising a little bit but now watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves which in my humble opinion is much better than the new one. :D
Clever Darling
Things I've been contemplating:

My last two exams are next week. One is Mechanics. I am NOT GOOD at Mechanics, so much so that it deserves capitalisation. But practice practice practice is slowly getting me better. Slowly. The other exam is English Lit, one side of which I will completely ace, the other side I am likely to fail because of a combinationn of not being great at poetry and a crap teacher. He fails so badly that he posted us our essays because he couldn't manage to mark them in time for the end of the half term. So we got them a week after we did them, instead of three days. Failure at life. I see him in the mornings when we drive to the station and every day it's like: gettim!!! The jeep wouldn't be that damaged by a collision with one bald moron.

University. My UCAS early application has to be in pretty much as soon as we get back to college in September so I've been giving some serious thought to where I want to apply to. Oxford is obviously my first choice, and then Warwick. I was going to apply to York but their results for Law are fairly crap so I think Durham before York, then York, and possibly Edinburgh but it's bloody hard to get in from England because they hate us :) My primary concern in my latest bout of research has been accomodation. I need a kitchen. And I'd like a toilet. But Oxford aren't great like that. York are amazing, Warwick are amazing and I'm not sure about Durham. Accomodation costs for Edinburgh are ridiculous. But then, one will have a massive debt no matter what so whatever.

D's birthday is on Sunday. Gift need becoming urgent. Some ideas, limited budget, we'll see.

I miss my dog. I know it was my choice and she's fine and I don't think it was the wrong decision, but I miss her snuffles. Although I discovered yesterday that my rabbit can play fetch, the smart little demon.

Final note: 16 days until we get the house keys :D
Clever Darling
Went shopping, got a new selection of summer clothes spending Dad's money, the paperwork is all going through nicely for our house, we get the keys on the 19th, the weather today was good and we had sunshine times, yesterday I baked sexy muffins...that's pretty much it really.