Clever Darling
My dog is leaving today, rehomed with Dad's oldest friend because she's not welcome in the house we're going to be renting in a few weeks. This sucks. Especially since I hate the kids that belong to her new family, they're badly behaved little shits.

I think it'd be quite fun to go completely bad, Sylvia Plath style.
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Clever Darling
Just to check something:
Number evacuated from Dunkirk: 330 000 ish.
Number killed whilst waiting for ships: 30,000 killed or wounded
                                                          34,000 missing or captured
                                                          6 destroyers and over 200 smaller vessels
                                                          177 aircraft

Dunkirk was not a miracle rescue operation. It was over 300 000 French, Belgian and English troops trapped on a beach like sitting ducks, and they got lucky in that Hitler was going mad and for some reason didn't order a full scale attack and they ran away on loads of boats. If he had ordered that attack, the allies wouldn't have had much by way of soldiers left to defend the home front.

But hey, let's celebrate it. Because after all, morale is everything.
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Clever Darling
Yes I should probably be revising right now. Go away.
We're finally moving house. Into town. Right by the train station. In this really big place. But I have to get rid of my dog, which sucks, but I'd rather my family was happy and given where we live right now we can't because the woman who's bullying dad at work also owns our house and yeah. It's all annoying.
But yeah. Sooooo. Three exams left, one tomorrow, and two in two weeks time.
Pretty tired, fairly stressed, sleep good. As is chocolate.
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Clever Darling
In a nutshell:
My first exam was Roman History. I think it went well enough, and I got sunburnt revising in the sun all day.
Thursday was my last day of lessons and it was pretty much a waste of time.
Friday I had my Philosophy exam in the morning, not sure how that went, then I was meant to meet up with some people, but that didn't happen, so I hung out with some other people for a bit, went home, went out with D to look at a new playpark in town, cam home, sleeped, went to a farm, sleeped, touched kittens, went to a fair, got beaten up by the rides, sleeped, went to the beach, sleeped, moved Bubby's hutch, sleeped, woke up, turned the fan up, sleeped. Yeah. My life is thrilling.
Clever Darling
Saturday there was a French market and we nommed.
Sunday we went to this beach type place with some lighthouse type things and cows and had a picnic.
Yesterday I brooded on the shitness of some of my friends, and the lack of loyalty exhibited by those who obviously cannot be trusted because they don't give a flying fuck about anyone. Oh, and we viewed a rental place that it would be pretty damn nice to get, and we've put our offer in, but there's another couple who want it, but they're not in work, and both my parents are, so are chances are good, fingers crossed.
Clever Darling
Vednesday I kicked the proverbial posterior and won a debate single handedly, to a round of applause. The bad news is it was totally pointless, and the one person in my debating class with any actual public speaking talent was off anyway.

What else what else...did my Mechanics mock, got one mark off a B, mega fail, need to fiz that rather swiftly. Errrrr...I like lettuce, radishes, chocolate milk, rice pudding and D's left little finger. But none of that is particularly exciting.

My exams start on Wednesday. I'm totally not panicking. *MEGAEPILEPTICTWITCH*
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Clever Darling
I just realised that David Cameron has too many syllables to work in the postman pat tune, and Nick Clegg has too few, but Gordon Brown is perfect. Damn it all, what am I going to sing now.

My theoretical support (theoretical because I'm not 18 yet) of the Tories is primarily based on the fact that I intend to earn a shitload of money in the future and I don't want no government taking it all. Plus I despise true democracy. Nothing ever gets done, it's impossible due to corruption, and you get loads of floppy men in charge who can't make a decision without a majority of two thirds votes from their executive, financiers, and party members. It's absurd. If I was in charge of everything, decisions would be made instantly (on my whims), carried out effectively (by my army), and anyone who didn't like them giving an IQ test, and if found faulty be thrown into the lava pit (my lava pit) or else trained to be my pet monkey (my monkey). I wouldn't make terrible impulse  decisions, I'd make political decisions based on my personal principles, ie, education is much more bloody important than benefits, in fact, benefits should be all but scrapped. Lower the price of essential foods like bread, milk, cheese, bacon, apples and lettuce, plant more apple trees because we're going to need them, control population a bit (no more than four children per family without a special license only granted if you can prove you have the financial, emotional, mental and physical ability to do the job).

But anyway, enough about how the world will be in 20-30 years time. Right now, we've got a Tory prime minister and a Lib Dem coalition, which, although nobody seems to be celebrating much, seems fair to me, since those are the two parties that had the most support and despite the unfair voting system, the Lib Dems have some power. They should be celebrating, not complaining about having to co-operate. And a load of Tory Mps are complaining that Cameron didn't do enough. Well, did you notice he was up ALL NIGHT before the election, campaigning? What more do you want, you fools!
Clever Darling
Argh, yesterday. Had to wait an hour for my incompetent English teacher to decide to give us our coursework marks (a week late) because he felt it necessary to read out the questions for our homework...and the groups...three or four times...moron. Anyway, got 34/40, which is 85%, which will almost definitely be in the A band, but isn't the 90% I'd get ideally. At the moment Oxford aren't asking for any A*s, but if they change their required grades for next year I may have a problem (or a need for an A* in maths I suppose, which seems like the most likely subject I can get the A* in...).

Then I had a more or less surprise Philosophomy mock. He told us about it like three weeks ago but we weren't warned last week. And the essay question was on the stuff I haven't revised, whilst the not essay question was the stuff I have. Damnit.

Then mother had an attack of the crazies in the evening, shouting about 'her freedom' because I asked her to get me from the station, as she normally does, because dad didn't realise I finish earlier on a Monday, because mum always gets me. Duh. Anyway, then I went to D's and there were little fluffy squeaky things and it twas good. Ginger chicken is also growing well.

Today I have maths (ie last minute mechanics revision for the mock I'm going to fail miserably this afternoon), a meeting with my form tutor *twitch* because my UCAS data on the college system re: GCSEs is wrong, so that'll eat up most of my free I expect, and then I have a philosophomy revision session, then my mechanics mock, then English, where we'll probably get our timed essays back from last week. So busy busy busy.

You know, studying pride and prejudice has made me notice just how fake our society tends to be. Because of political correctness most people are afraid to voice their honest opinions, and the ones who aren't are considered idiots or bigots. Instead of educating people on why their views are not acceptable (like racism), we just suppress them and hope they'll keep their aggression to themselves, resulting in the BNP getting 500 000 votes in the election for example. If there was less focus on power and more focus on learning in this country then perhaps, just perhaps, we could move forward instead of backwards.
Clever Darling
It's difficult to understand just how much damage theme parks do to you until you get home. I appear to have a massive lump on my right knee from slamming into a bar on the rapids, my shoulders hurt, probably from being twisted around upside down on Collosus, which has a slightly loose harness, my lungs and chest hurt from Stealth, which is scary fast in a vertical horseshoe, and when I laid down to go to sleep last night and closed my eyes, I found it very difficult to make my brain stop believing everything was moving.

I was kinda disappointed by the much anticipated SAW rollercoaster. The effects and stuff when you were waiting in the line, but the ride itself was essentially structured around the one special 'more than vertical' drop. Ie up // down (great diagram huh). But yeah, the drop was pretty sexy, but the rest of the ride was a bit meh. And the SAW Maze, which opened in March, I didn't go in, primarily because I hate being made to jump by people going 'boo' unexpectedly in the dark, and that's what the ride is. But I think D enjoyed it so whatever.

Good value for money for the day though. Dad's work essentially paid for it. Coach there, coach back, refillable drink cups that you can fill up as many times as you like in the park all day, park entry, fasttrack passes for selected rides (there was a choice, one was all thrill rides, one was some thrill and some wet and there was another one on offer I can't remember, unfortunately the epic one that gets you EVERYTHING including the SAW rides wasn't on offer because it was half the price, but oh well), £5 towards lunch all for a grand total offffff... £5. For everything. Yup. Yeahhh.
Clever Darling
So I go to sleep last night anticipating a Tory majority this morning, all sorted and tidied by 6am. But no. They ran out of ballot papers in places, there have been protests, and at the moment Libs + Labs still aren't high enough to match Tories. This is good, but there's 60 odd seats left and every time I blink they seem to gain one.

Still, Tories as the highest party is the important thing.

Tuesday was thrilling in that I had an English timed essay and a cold. Yeah.
Wednesday, well, it was just plain thrilling.
Yesterday I had a statistics mock.
Today I have a Classics conference at Cambridge, so no college :D Should be tres interesting and very sexy.
Clever Darling
The party wasn't too bad while we were there, we left at like 10 so by the time everyone was drunk and doing bad things we were gone. I still felt pretty damn alone surrounded by D's friends, but at least there were some people there I knew.

And then, after walking swiflty for 40 mins, we got to the station, and the train was cancelled >:( So we had to wait for another 40 mins for the next one. That was pretty much it for Friday night. to the Eel Day thing. And ate a giant chocolate brownie and sneakily took pictures of a baby pug for my sister, who loves them. Then we spent all afternoon driving around in circles with my parents because they were looking for a new bbq and I like the pet sections of garden centres because I'm cool. Got my demon a new wooden ball thing, he bit it a lot and threw it off the sofa so I guess he likes it.

Sunday we went out in Cambridge but it was a bit crap, although I did finally get to eat a kebab for the first time since Greece. Came home when everyone went to the funfair. Would have been fun but we had no money really and

we had to go out for dinner with D's family.

Anyway, once that was over D *bullied* me into staying at his, and he quite happily fell asleep while I was watching Sav IV and his evil mother woke him up and kicked him out of the room. Because for some reason, there's something we could have done after 1am that we just couldn't have done in the 5 hours before that when we were completely alone upstairs. -.-'

Yesterday was bank holiday, which is lovely because it means no tutorial. We went to this massive market, got hailed on, drank slushies, and I got a new pair of shoes.

Overall a busy weekend. Yawn.
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