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So my laydee rabbit is recovering well, after staying inside in a large box constantly at my side all day yesterday, and sleeping in my room Thursday and Friday nights, she's back outside tonight, although I've moved the hutch right up to the back door so I can check on her. All seems to be going well, which is good, because rabbit operations are notoriously dangerous.

In other news today and yesterday I read Imperium by Robert Harris, a very accurate historical fiction about Cicero, my main complaint being it finishes when he's elected consul, which is infact when his life, and indeed Rome itself, start to get particularly interesting with all Caesar and whatnot. But there you go, that's books for you :P

Furthermore, cake.
That is all.

Oh, I finally got a new phone complete with contract. Yay.
Clever Darling
So...two posts in one day :O
Primarily to cheer up anybody reading this with a funny thing.

The vets called. They wanted to know if I wanted them to go ahead and neuter the female rabbit they had.
You heard me.
It seems a number of factors have led to this embarassing event.
1) I said it was a girl, right when I was first loving her at D's. D's mother said it was a boy, and I've never had rabbits before so I assumed she was right.
2) She has longish fur, concealing her genitals, and rabbits don't much like being picked up, or put upside down, let alone prodded.
3) The one time I was forced to prod was when she was ill, and it seems that because she had an upset stomach her scent glands were swollen, making them look suspiciously like testicles.
4) There was an occasion where I suddenly wondered about gender because I realise there were nipples, but I didn't realise male ones didn't have them, and seeing as I had seen 'testicles' I assumed there was nothing to be concerned about.
5) She is one angry, bitchy, territorial, devil possessed rabbit. I attribute these behaviour patterns to males.
6) Lolfail.

So yeah, I've had to ask my Dad to go and pick up my little, er, girl, because I'm too embarassed to go up there. I've also had to abandon all the female new pet candidates I was looking at, and start all over again.
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Clever Darling
So I'm somewhat distracted because Bubby is at the vets. Admittedly, I've never worried when our cats have gone in for neutering, but Bubs is tiny and older than usual, although they say it's not an issue as long as the rabbit is below three years old.

So yeah...I feel bad. So I went to the pet shop and bought him a carrot cracker...and some chocolate drops...and then I bought some grapes from the fruit stall at the market. He's never had grapes as far as I'm aware, but I want to see if he likes them. Admittedly I've been eating them all morning. But there's more than enough left for a bunny.

Furthermore, I was in town at 8am this morning, Dad gave us a lift to the vets, but I had to walk back. And since I wanted to go to the pet shop, I had about half an hour to kill until the shops opened. So I wandered up to the newsagents, then had a coffee and read the paper like an old man. Twas actually quite nice to be about early, perhaps more so because it's a market day. I met a very nice lady walking her puppy, who was actually being carried and seemed to believe he was part monkey, but had adorable eyes. I think I also stunned the man in the newsagent: a teenage female, wearing no makeup, walks in at 8am, buys the Guardian, and tells him to have a nice day. Hehe.

Furthermore, in the local paper, which comes through the door on Thursdays, it was revealed to me that my old English teacher from way back in year nine, and also the rather odd, but fairly nice deputy head from my secondary school, have both retired, along with two other members of staff. I find the new principal, who we christened 'Umbridge', to be to blame. And I strongly suspect that, lack of talent in this year's leavers aside, the GCSE results across the board will be crappier this year, under her. Stupid woman.

I was so on the front page of the paper last year, with Harriet. Third in the year was a position I found acceptable, although I was somewhat pissed about that science grade...damn coursework...

Anyway, so, I've spent the morning reading newspapers, putting washing out, generally pottering. I need to look at mobiles...
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Friday was...unexciting. I don't actually really remember anything of note...

Saturday we went to some pet shops and a bakery and the city to shops and whatnot. I got a rather nice top and a ridiculously cheap designer dress and a new pair of shoes. Twas good.

Sunday I did more or less nothing.

Monday I went into town with the mother, and got new bed sheets so goodbye Bob the builder, alas we had a good run.

Tuesday we got up and established a gazebo in the garden, which took about three hours because the walls didn't make sense. But eventually it was sorted and people came, people drank, some people left, others didn't. It wasn't really anything spectacular but it was nice, so that's good.

Today I've cleaned up. And slept a bit, and played Lego Batman.

Tomorrow I've got to get up at about 7 and take Bubby for his snip snip. I think I'll come back and sleep when that's done. 

Incidentally, re:parties.
1. You will never have enough to drink. Accept it, aim to provide at least two drinks per person, three if you can afford it, and if you're lucky enough to be loaded, four plus.
2. You will forget to buy enough food because you're worrying about booze. Budget for food, buy food. People eat a LOT, especially teenage males.
3. If they're staying all night, they're probably going to want breakfast, be aware of this.
4. Consider toiletries. There will be little more embarassing than running out of toilet roll halfway through a party.
5. Rubbish bin. Provide one. Clean a lot.
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Wednesday, alas, fairwell year twelve. And good bloody riddance. I'm almost as eager to get away from Hills Road as I was to get there, damn disappointed hopes.

Anyway, so my classics teacher, being hormonal (she has two weeks of being nice, then two weeks of hate, in succession, consistently, it's like clockwork), made us work. For the full hour. Nasty woman.

Maths we just played some games etc and ate chocolate cake. Then spent the next hour lurking with my male, going to tecsos for cake, and then finally walking down to parker's to have a twenty odd person picnic. Twas good.

Then we came home, chilled, went to the pub for dinner, and D went home :'( More or less a good day.

Then yesterday was D's prom. There was also a large thunderstorm. I spent most of the day lying in bed in excruciating migrainey pain due to barometric pressure. I'm not sure when my childhood thunderstorm nosebleeds became migraines, but that's puberty for you.

Anyway, D dragged me out of bed by placing sunglasses upon me, we tied pink ribbons to my Dad's Jeep, dressed him up in a suit, admired how dashing D looked, made ME get dressed for a photo, went and got D's date, and took them to prom. He looked wonderful.

I believe he got back to his from the afterparty at 6am. So I'll probably see him later today. Much later.

Furthermore: this is my summer reading list for my subjects:

Le Morte Darthur Books 18-21 (Done)
Idylls of the King (Started)
As many of the following as you want:
Penelopiad (Done)
Wise Children (Might do)
Small World (Done)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Done)
Heart of Darkness (Probably won't do)
Gawaine and the Green Knight (Probably won't do)
Othello (Done)
School for Scandal (Optional, don't need to until Christmas)
The Rape of the Lock (Again, don't need until Christmas)

That's just English. There's also Hippolytus for Classics (Done), and although they don't require any reading for Philosophy, it's probably a good idea. So at the moment my personal reading list is:

Imperium by Robert Harris (Historical fiction based on Cicero)
A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell (I will finish it one day)
The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (Maybe)
Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela (Maybe)
Learning the Law by Glanville Williams (Nearly finished)
And a considerable further few...

In other news: My mother's medication needs altering or something. About three weeks ago she just stopped having good days and it's all angry and snappy and she's working overtime for no reason just because she's compelled to for some reason. She's also striking out at D for some reason, as if he can't help the fact that he can't get here very easily or never has much money for trains. And yesterday I asked her to come home from work because I felt awful and Thursday is overtime anyway because she's only supposed to do Tuesday and Wednesday and she told me that she couldn't leave the ironing and to call Dad, who works in the city, and is the one with the job that actually pays the bills. I don't know what's wrong with her but I don't like it.

Furthermore, only four days until my party *waves small flags*. Admittedly, a lot of people will be misssed because they're on holiday etc, but between all the parties and events and things I'm sure I'll see more or less everyone at some point.

Now, I shall...well, I don't really know honestly, it may involve a little white rabbit. I just caught him fraternising with the enemy (next door's cat was sitting outside his hutch, watching), and I don't think that's a friendship I want to encourage.
Clever Darling

'FREEEEEDDDOOOMMM!' *Horrible death*

That is all.
Clever Darling
Wednesday - Fall in love. I jest, I jest. But seriously. Two Australian solicitors came in to talk about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and one of them was so gorgeous the whole group was dribbling, well, most of it, since the group was predominantly female.

Then to D's! Fluffy things are sexy.

Thursday - College...that's more or less Thursday I think...

Friday - College...potentially last Phelan lesson :'( I really NEED to have him next year and do Nietsche, or I'll explode. Then D here, and this was good thing. We watched a toy story film that was most definitely not the third, and it made me cry it was so sad.

Saturday - Ze zoo. An elephant slobbered on me, it was thrilling. I procured a rhino toy, and a cup with rhinos in the bottom, and a rhino bookmark, and a rhino pin. I like rhinos, they're like living tanks.

Then pool party, small, but fun, and D certainly seemed to enjoy throwing my male friends in the pool when they forgot their trunks.

Sunday - Er...sleepiness.

Monday - Last tutorial for ages, win. Spent two hours discussing zombie invasion plan, twas awesome. Then evening was picking cherries and chatting regarding the nature of evil, which we'd talked about in philosophy anyway.

Today - Last lesson with Bock, very emotional, shall miss him somewhat, but not his teaching. I only had first and third so I'm sitting at home on my bed listening to a Radio 4 program about the history of alcohol and the state, and waiting for D to show up in some form, and contemplating reading or something.

Tomorrow is the last day of term. I can't say this college year has been fantastic, but it's definitely become better as it's gone on. I think our expectations as a whole were way above the reality we found, particularly in regard to the English department, and the general beaurocracy within the college. But I guess we're still learning and we'll still do well, and that's what matters.

I just found a new Radio 4 programme presented by Dawkins, regarding the genome, so I'm gone, love you dearies.
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Tuesday - Human rights talk, interesting but not great. Women in society, Islam focused, very upsetting. 5th Century Law Courts, a lie, it was all about Oedipus.

Wednesday - Wake up, ill. Lug self into college to hand in extended project then return home.

Thursday - Be ill.

Friday - College, trip to museujm, fudge, D, nom.

Saturday - Chills, party, sort of, more chills.

Sunday - Beach, sunburn, owwy. Crab massacre.

Monday - Meh.

Tuesday - Long and boring.

Who said I never tell you anything?
Clever Darling
It's not that I don't love you, I've just been busy.

Monday-Thursday progressed as fairly usual. Discovered awesome sexy bookshop behind college, sheep, old, and smelly. Perfect.

My first law reading came as well, it's heavy, but still tres interesting.

And then Friday we went to Oxford for an open day at St Johns and, well, it didn't start well. Basically mum had a mental turn the night before, which she doesn't have so often now, but she was stressed, so she did. So she spent all morning on the way there trying to piss everyone off. Then we got there late because of traffic. Then the map was backwards so we went the wrong way. So I was late. And I didn't want to go in late because it's embarassing. So everyone got angry and shouted at me. So I got angry and went in.

The day itself was interesting but not informative.

Then to Hastings, spend Saturday taking D around the closest thing I've got to a hometown, and we ate chips on the beach and payed for cheap amusements. It was good. Then dinner at my aunt and uncles that night.

Sunday wasn't so great, it was the family party we went down there for. My grandma got drunk and refused to talk to anyone, which was really embarassing and uncomfortable for all of us, but you can't have everything. D got chased around by little girls and it was very funny.

Today was a standard college day, tomorrow is a lecturey day, thursday I have an English conference, and Friday I have a classics trip. Yeah, and you thought your life was busy.