Clever Darling
Thursday - Went to a friends while D went out with one of his.

Friday - Sat at home on the sofa all day in a mildly bad mood. Watched the new Fame, but it's awful and doesn't keep to the original, so they should have called it a sequel, not a remake. Obviously they chose not to, probably because everybody hates sequels to great films.

Saturday - Went down to Hastings and back. Had lunch out with my sister, FOUND SOMEWHERE THAT SELLS NUTELLA ICE CREAM right where I'd never look, met my pugphew, went to Nans, went to other grandparents', went to aunt and uncles, came home, slept. My life is thrilling :P

Really happy about the ice cream though. 
Clever Darling
Monday - Nothing thrilling.

Tuesday - D got his results, A in both English subjects, isn't he clever. So he's coming to Hills now.

Wednesday - Work.

The good news is that I've now made notes on all of Le Morte Darthur, started on the Penelopiad and need to move my notes from the pc to the hard copy of Idylls, and then that's all sorted. That's a lot of work out of the way.

Today - Well, I thought I was going to spend the day at home with D, but apparently he's going out, so it's another day of work.
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Clever Darling
Ok, I know it's unreasonable to be pissed when I got good grades, but one mark is standing between me and my third A. Go die Mr Examiner man. And that it was even possible for me to get a B in my best subject and nearly 90 in my worst shows just how fucked up the school system is. Anyway, all hope is not lost, and a remark and a resit later I'm sure life will go on.
I won't really miss Further Maths, there's such a thing as an excessive amount of numbers and they are after all the devil. As for my Maths unit option it only makes sense that I do Mechanics given how good my grade in it was. Which kinda sucks but I'll get through it.

So after picking up results spent the day socialising, having a picnic, and sulking. Then Dad and D and I went out for dinner because the Mother was having a crazy time.

Friday I spent about seven hours finishing off my summer work as a distraction, so I'm in a fairly good position to start term and there's still a bit more I can do as well.

Yesterday we met up with a friend who was picking up a second rabbit to keep her manrabbit company (mine are getting along fine still, considering moving them into a run together outside now), then went to a party in the evening. There was a lot of drinking and a couple of unpleasant drinky people. Then there was a massive thunderstorm and we were sleeping outside in a tent so it was bloody terrifying.

Today has been spent doing as little as possible and sleeping. This is a good way to be.
Clever Darling
Clever Darling
1. Bake a cake. Following instructions is soothing. You get to lick the bowl. It's satisfying. The others in your household will approve. And you get cake. Duh.

2. Stroke something fluffy (no sexual inference intended). Cats are good when they're sleeping. As are dogs. Bunnies are a personal favourites. Your girlfriend isn't fluffy. Dandelion seed heads don't qualify. Anyway, it's very soothing and nice and watching animals be animals tends to be quite fun.

3. Buy something ridiculously expensive you've wanted for ages. Not always a viable option, but damn it feels good to get what you want.

4. Write something. Anything. A list. A diary. A letter or email to an old friend.

5. On that note, just create something. Anything. Draw a picture. Create a pasta necklace like a five year old.

6. Sleep with someone you love. I suppose this can go two ways. Sleeping is cuddly and lovely and wonderful. Sex is also likely to cheer you up, but isn't always appropriate.

7. Read a damn soppy, chick flicky, romancy, cheesy classic. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones etc. It feels good to believe that some men out there are just that amazing.

8. Confess. Not for everyone, splurging your emotional backlog does feel kinda nice. Crying is an alternative for hormonal females, but it's a bit messy and unpleasant.

9. Eat something you shouldn't. Whole tub of Ben n Jerry's, whole bar of Cadbury's, big takeaway, your boyfriend (just kidding). You might hate yourself after for being fat or whatever, but the fact is eating just feels too damn good not to go crazy sometimes.

10. Lie in a field, in freshly cut grass, on a sunny day, or possibly in a rain shower and just think.
Clever Darling

See the above link for a bunnydate.

I'm rather tired after an afternoon of bunnysitting, watching for aggression, chewing and outright naughtiness, which Java seems quite keen on. But all in all, a fairly good first result. I can only hope they continue to love and snuggle and er, rape.

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Clever Darling
Sunday - Little of anything other than building a rabbit hutch roof from the pieces of a rabbit hutch roof.

Monday - Music, sleeping and personal statement working.

Clever Darling
Sunday - Driving. You wouldn't believe it. Six hours in a car, sleeping. Grawr. Then we went out for dinner, but the pub was terrifying and there were strange old men :S

Monday - Padstow. Ahem, sorry, that's Steinstow. Rick Stein appears to own all of the town. Rick Stein's cafe, pasties, fish and chips, etc. We also went to a lobster hatchery. It was thrilling. We also wombled to a cider farm. There were ponies, it was exciting.

Tuesday - We found this amazing food shop with loads of meat and pies and sexy cakes and stuff. Twas so good we went back on the day we left to restock. Furthermore, we went to this goldsmiths place. It was shiny but not thrilling. An entire silver jewellery shop and I couldn't find one pendant I liked. Then we popped out to Land's End but it's very commercial and I found it rather boring.

Wednesday - Tintagel. That's where Arthur was supposedly born, by the way. We went to the Arthur museum and gift shop, looked at the castle where Arthur was born and investigated places such as King Arthur's Inn and whatnot. Thrilling. DAMN YOU MALORY. Ahem. I also found a pendant, a snake like my old one, but smaller and a bit more sexy.

Thursday - Eden project. That's a set of HUGE polydomes that are cultivated to be the same environment as the rainforest/med depending on which dome, and there's lots of trees. It was interesting, but still just lots of trees. We did get to try something called Baobab juice, Baobab being a type of tree, it was quite nice, similar to coconut but a bit sweeter. Then lunch in an Italian resulting in a rather saddening salad. To be honest, the food was rather disappointing in Cornwall. We sat waiting for half an hour for a £7 sandwich on Wednesday only to watch the people who arrived after us being served first. We then left. Yeah...

Friday - Friday was a good day for me. We went horseriding on the downs above the town of Bude, which is this massive beach that's good for everything. It was about an hour and a quarter, and about half the price hacking is here, and it was D's first time on a horse, so it was funtimes. His horse wouldn't stop trying to eat things :)

Saturday - We decided to come home a day early because we'd done everything we wanted to and Dad wanted a day at home before work on Monday. So, after a quick stop at that massive food place, we set off. And three hours later we were only at Bristol. Six hours after that we got home. Traffic. Damnit all. The worst part being that we were going to stop at Cadbury World on the way home but because we were so late they were shut :'(

I have to say, my bunny is overjoyed that we're home. She's all jumping around and eating me and thrilled out of her tiny fluffy skin. And I missed her too. We're going to get Java on Tuesday now, so that's a day later than I wanted to get him, because the rabbit lady doesn't work Mondays. But that's fine, I'm so excited :D
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Clever Darling
Yesterday there was supposed to be a sort of info day from a local animal shelter in town. But we got there and it was basically small children playtime. So that was a bit of a waste of time. But then we went and had starbucks, and there was snuggling, and that was quite nice. A quick dandelion harvest in the park on the way home followed.

And then D left, and this mad me sad. So sad I actually filled in some more of my uni application.
Speaking of which, I had a results dream/nightmare last night. I believe I got one A and the rest Bs and I had to drop maths entirely but it was ok because it was just a lego videogame and I had to get the jade doorstop back for the underwater creatures from the evil mage. Gotta love my dreams.

Not much planned for today, should probably start packing to go away on Sunday.
Speaking of which, I have no idea if we'll have internet down there, if we don't I'll do what I did last year and put the whole week up at once.
Clever Darling
Ok, if we're honest, I'm both bored and a bit bunny mad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my latest project:

On it I shall chronicle when boy meets girl in two weeks time, and all the evil schemes of that most evil bunny.
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Clever Darling
Yesterday D and I popped out to our (yes OUR, oh my, we actually have a few friends we can agree on, this is one of them) friend's house. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere but it's not Nepal or anything. Primarily because she got a bunneh (you see that, we went THREE LINES without talking about rabbits) and I wanted to touch it, but also because I haven't seen her for aaaagggeeesss and...well, we could :)
Her house is actually pretty cool. My comment was 'Look! It's all rustic!' :) But it is, and I likes it, there is bushes. Obviously not just bushes, that would in fact be a treehouse and make it somewhat hard to accomodate a family of five + two cats + rabbit + fish. But anyway, yar, was nice.
Furthermore, today we did bugger all. Mother came home from work early in anger because there was no work for her to do, and my great aunt finally died after a week on excessive amounts of morphine. I can't say I was particularly attached to her, and given that she was mentally disabled and has probably accidentally or otherwise left everything she owns to some woman she met two years ago make me feel that it's probably better she's stopped hanging on.
To be honest, there's something inhumane in keeping a person alive purely by drip feeding them morphine. If someone is essentially dead in body, and not conscious/lucid, and there's nothing doctor's can do, and they really are just sitting there waiting for them to die, why are they using the morphine? I know, hippocratic oath, preservation of life. But if you do that to an animal it's animal cruelty. Why is it different with people?
Clever Darling
But firstly, look at this.
She's a new woman I tell you.
No longer must I fear the fearsome teeth of doom when cuddle time happens.
We took her in for her post op check today, all is well, healing good, back to normal for the laydee bunny.
Furthermore she's started her innoculations and in two weeks time she will be ready for her man bunneh.

Which is good, because I adopted a man bunneh today :D Ok, call me a crazy rabbit lady, but I went to the RSPCA to have a nose, I had no adoption intentions, but he was so cute and so fluffy and...shhh.
So Bubby's love match is currently called Jo-jo to be renamed, most likely, Java, he's the same size and roughly the same age as her. He's tyis gorgeous shade of coffee brown, but there's loads of colour variation across his body, and he's got lovely chocolate eyes. He is of course a rescue bunny, he was found stray, but he's a netherland dwarf, so he must have been a pet at some point. He's a bit scrabbly when picked up, but he calmed down as soon as he was comfortably nesstled, just as Bubby does, and with plenty of cuddles he should be perfectly tame and kissable. We just have to wait for his tooth check, snip snip and to get back from holiday and we can pick him up, all neutered and vaccinated for the absurdly low price of £35 (Bubby cost around £90 to get her op and jabs this week).

Which means, given that we get back from holiday on the 15th, and Bubby's jab is the 16th, I will probably pick Java up the day after AS results, or possibly on the Monday. Either way, I am a very happy bunny :D 

P.S. I was so busy appreciating his sexy bunny-ness and cuddling that I forgot to take photos, so I'm afraid they'll have to wait.
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