Clever Darling
Hello, remember me? Well, you probably don't, because I'm pretty sure there's actually nobody out there. This is not an update. I'm obviously revising right now. Blatantly. since I last posted....I got my January exam results. Got mah A in my Maths A level. Only by four marks, but shush you. Also got 92% and 100% in my English and Philosophy resits respectively. Check me out. So yeah. That was quite nice. Of course the college screwed up and released the results about 15 hours early via the intranet, so that was lovely.

What can tell my life is fascinating. Oh, I went to Alton Towers. That was fun, I bought a teddy bear. There have been a few parties, picnics and whatnot. D and I bought tickets for the Secret Garden Party (a music festival) then D promptly realised we could theoretically make loads of money from them and decided to sell them. Then the buyer fell through. Grr. So they're up for sale on ebay now, with no bidders at all and only a day and a half left on the auction:S

In other news, my A2 exams are nearly over. I had English Lit today (2 questions about women, win) and finished Classics yesterday with Roman History, so I just have Philosophy Monday and Wednesday next week. The thing that bugs me is that I also have two maths exams on Monday morning that I don't want to do. They're a waste of my time, thanks to bitch tutor as per usual. I just hope I don't screw up Philosophy an hour later as a result.

I was going to work at a language school over the summer but the job is gone now so that kind of fell through...I do intend to go swimming lots, read craploads, write loads because I rather miss writing of my own free will (thank you three essay subjects) and do...well...I'm not sure what else really. I'm sure things will come up.

They certainly won't be things with me 'friends'. I don't know what happened. One day everything was fine except for this one girl was ignoring me, now I find I'm not invited to any social events etc and I've basically lost touch with the whole group. Over the space of about three weeks. I just don't get what I did to make this girl hate me so much. Not that it matters. I have D, and a couple of good friends, and that's enough at least until uni.

Ah uni. I still don't really let myself think about it too much. Until I get those results...after last year I'm wary of exam results day. I don't know what I'll do if I don't make it now. I don't think I could stand going to Reading, or going through the whole process all over again. Throw it all in and just be a teacher or something.

I will have more to say in the not too distant future. And her majesty may make a reappearance on Salad Days, she's been collecting press shots for a while now.
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