Clever Darling
So I got a job, just for two weeks, but it paid so well I bought a new laptop and I'm still set for the rest of the summer moneywise. And they want me back next year, so woooo.

The biggest thing I achieved today was ordering some tea. Yes, I may be addicted to assorted teas again, but can we really call that a problem? There's a drought in Africa and nobody has any privacy anymore and you're going to worry about my tea addiction? Really. Anyway, so I bought this today: and I am pretty damn excited.

I'm going away to stay with family for ten days as of the 7th, which I hope will reduce my pre-results day tension. It will also assist me in reading a great deal, since there's nothing to do at my nan's, but I have to stay with her for a couple of days at least.

D and I went to London on Tuesday to see Phantom of the Opera, that was good. We also spent the whole day in Camden beforehand. Which has in fact led to me to a problem: clothing. I spent all day out shopping and bought nothing yesterday. I want nice pretty things, godamnit! Vivien of Holloway does gorgeous hugely expensive dresses, so now I'm looking at lolita stuff, which is about half the price, but it's difficult to find things that aren't overly frilly. In the end, I'll probably go for a bit frilly anyway, screw you world.

Right now I'm thinking about food so not too creative. You never know, one day I might actually start writing interesting things again. Probably not. I've got several good creative ideas at the moment though.
Clever Darling
So..finished my exams...Then had an end of year ball wearing an amazing dress and had quite a lot of fun. 'Cept for the  catastrophe of getting home in the morning as the rents were away for the weekend.

I appear to have contracted habitual procrastination. Exams have finished, and yet, I find myself putting off simple tasks, simply because I can. It's awful, and terribly non-productive. Oh, I should empty the dishwasher. Nah, I'll do it later. Oh, I was going to scan those photos in. Nah, later. So what shall I do right now? Sit here and stare blankly into space mostly.

I should be exercising and getting fit or whatever. I should also be learning to drive, but that costs money. So I should be making money. But I have so many different little trips and holidays booked over the summer that I'd be permanently asking for time off in a job. So, I need a part time flexible job. Aside from prostitution, that pretty much leaves leaflet delivery since everyone and his jewish grandfather seem to want qualifications and insurance for everything, right down to babysitting and dogwalking.